Product name: Vision

Platform: Chromebook

Vision description:

Vision for Chromebooks is the classroom management app that helps teachers save time, enhance learning, and keep students safe by providing visibility into all student activities. Easily redirect students’ attention by freezing screens or blocking websites with the click of a button. Try it free:


Key Features and Benefits:

See everything your students see on their computers, even outside of the browser. Easily see who needs help or redirection.

Blank screens and block input with the push of a button. Refocus students’ attention, reclaiming instruction time.

Share the teacher’s screen on all student Chromebooks. Focus attention and facilitate comprehension.

Block websites, keeping students safe and on-task.

Teacher app runs on any device with a Chrome browser - monitor and share screens from a Chromebook, Mac or Windows computer.

Seamless Google Classroom integration, making setup fast and easy.