Product Name: Vision Pro

Platform: Windows and Mac

Vision Pro description:

The easiest and most effective way to teach with technology, Vision Pro is the popular classroom management software proven to improve student performance. Vision helps educators collaborate with students in and out of class, focus attention on lessons, supervise and guide learning, assess comprehension, and improve learning outcomes. Vision provides teachers easy to use classroom management features to simplify and leverage technology for learning in today’s digital environments.


Key Features and Benefits:

·         Share the trainer's screen across PC, Macs and Tablets

·         Remotely assist and collaborate with trainees

·         Involve trainees and let them share their screens with the class

·         View all trainees’ screens from your computer - see who needs help

·         Blank trainees’ screens so you have their undivided attention

·         Save time and launch programs simultaneously on all computers

·         Control access to applications and web sites

·         Create assessments, surveys and polls